Resilience: Sound Leadership for Our Times

We are living in times where our capacity to respond to complex change is becoming our greatest asset.  How can we keep up?  How can we continue to find creative solutions to our most pressing problems?

In our families, communities, and organizations, we are searching for a greater capacity to respond effectively to increased complexity.  Sound leadership in these times doesn’t mean that we have all the answers.  Quite the opposite, resilience means that we are able to stay awake, aware, calm, yet alert even while not understanding all of what is unfolding in front of our eyes.  In other words, with resilience as our focus, we are able to think and act from a place of trust, confidence, humility and integrity whatever the situation may be.

Its nice to talk about these ideas, and imagine that they are possible, but how do we actually do this?  How can we learn to respond intelligently, and therefore, effectively, in the midst of unprecedented chaos and complexity.

One of the key characteristics of leadership for our times is growing our capacity to tolerate the unknown - to be able to say, “let’s wait and see,” without letting our impatience send us into an unwise, knee-jerk action.  As long as no one that you are responsible for is in immediate physical danger, you always have the option to wait and read the landscape, to listen more deeply to what is happening in the environment around you, and to wait for the right action to emerge naturally - to present itself to you.  

This takes practice - to have the discipline to stay present, still, and patient, even when every nerve, muscle, and bone in your body is ready to move and you just want the “problem” to be resolved.  What kind of practice does it take?  In other words, what might we practice, in order to develop this capacity to “wait, and see,” and listen for the most intelligent and effective action?

We engage in practices that open us to states of consciousness that help us to grow to new stages of our adult development.  In other words, we upgrade our “internal operating system” so that we can do more with less.

Sound is a Vehicle for Consciousness, and thus, Leadership Development

The interdisciplinary field of sound healing, sound therapy, and mindfulness sound meditation brings forth approaches to the development of human consciousness that are vital in this day-in-age.  Quite simply, sound is a vehicle for consciousness development.  When we open ourselves to healing sounds, our minds are refreshed, our creative imagination awakens and is stimulated, we feel newfound lightness and clarity in our emotional body, and we receive relief from physical pain and body-related stress.

What’s more, healing sounds create rich fertile soil in an organizational culture.  

Sound has the capacity to unify groups into functioning more effectively as teams.  When we create sounds together,, we immediately feel more connected to one another.  Tensions relax, and even dissolve, and new perspective emerges that allows and encourages us to see alternatives and previously unseen pathways that open up harmonious and creative solutions.

When we come together and create simple, healing sounds, such as humming and toning the vowel sounds (oo, oh, ah, eh, ee), we feel connected to ourselves, to each other, and to the purposefulness of our unique contribution to the organizational vision and mission.  

This simple group process, which only takes 10 minutes a day, has the power to transform the culture of our workplace, and renew the important sense of sacredness and meaning in our individual and collective work.  In short, mindfulness sound meditation, practiced in our workplaces, not only brings wellness to our whole team, it makes our work sacred again.

Sound revives our capacity to engage the underlying mission and purpose of the organization in every action.  This is what brings meaning, significance and thus a sense of sacredness into the workplace culture.  Through the use of sound, we are able to share the sacredness of our work with the whole team.

Why do I feel committed to bringing Mindfulness Sound Meditation into the Workplace?

I choose to work with organizations who have an eco-social mission because it is you who are changing our world into a world that is fit for our children, grandchildren, and great-grand children to live in and inhabit, joyfully and healthfully.  

I heard a teaching once that “there is so much to do, so we better go slow.”  To create an organizational culture that holds our great-grandchildren in its vision, we need to engage these wise words.  We must learn to be mindful, clear, and full of care in navigating our way forward, in our individual lives and in our organizations.  Mindfulness Sound Meditation opens this capacity within us, and renews it, on a daily basis - in only 10 minutes-a-day, sitting with your team, and “vibrating your body,” as I like to call it.

When we create sound together, we bring a sense of the sacred into our workplace, and when people create sound together, they feel happier, more connected to themselves and each other, and more engaged, energetic and enthusiastic.  What does all religious practice have in common?  Singing.  Making sounds together.

Its so simple that its almost unbelieveable.  We can make our organizations resonate at a higher level of consciousness and connection simply by making sounds together.  Unlike religious practice, we don’t need to use words.  We can just sounds - humming, toning vowel sounds, and deep, conscious breathing.  This is mindfulness sound meditation.  

Supplemented by a regularly scheduled Group "Sound Bath" Meditation experience  - listening to singing bowls, didgeridoo, and tuning forks - your organization will open new doors and possibilities of connection, collaboration, and genuine aliveness, inspiration, creativity and excitement, in the workplace.  With Mindfulness Sound Meditation, your team won’t want to go home at the end of the day!

To learn more, visit our workplace wellness page, and schedule your initial complementary session for your team, in your workplace.


Weekend Retreat: The Only Way Out Is Through (April 29-30, 2017)

Do you feel something big shifting too?  

Whew!  Times are feeling really intense these days.  Facing into the reality of this moment on Earth has been for us like removing layers of innocence, and seeing again with new eyes. Weeks on end, and we are exhausted; and also full of pain, anger, grief, sadness; and also even joy, inspiration and love.

In order to keep moving despite moments of feeling immobilized, to feel the joy and despair as part of one whole experience of life, I feel called to team up with an old friend and colleague, Orion Kriegman (founder of the Boston Food Forest Coalition), and offer:

The Only Way Out is Through: Transforming Our Grief into Courage and Empowerment in the face of Planetary Suffering

April 29th & 30th | Sheffield, MA

We are two old friends who have traveled different paths to a shared wisdom, and have experienced the clearing and renewal that happens when we turn toward our grief -  both our personal grief and our grief for the planet which are really one river anyway.  In planning this workshop, we drew inspiration and guidance from Joanna Macy's The Work That Reconnects. 

Through this work, we have both experienced the healing that opens our heart and renews our capacity to take creative and courageous action.  While we can't promise what your experience will be, together we will create a safe space for you to bring your whole self to this weekend.

Space is limited to 11 participants.  Please visit
for all the details and to registration.  And, feel free to be in touch with us directly questions, via email or phone.

in grateful service,

Sometimes less is More: Mindfulness Sound Meditation

Sometimes, when you feel like you have no time to do anything "more," you can get a lot from shifting perspective and immersing yourself and your team in the self-care that will increase your capacity to respond effectively, to whatever is in front of you.

Mindfulness Sound Meditation activates your team's capacity to imagine creative solutions and mobilize the energy, intelligence and courage to take effective action.  Benefits include:

  1. Increased energy, enthusiasm, positive attitude, mental clarity, and emotional resilience
  2. Enhanced performance and productivity
  3. Elevated team unity & effective communication through an affordable, unique shared experience
  4. Heightened capacity to make wise decisions in the face of ever-increasing complexity and chaos
  5. Reduced stress-related costs of poor health and employee absenteeism by strengthening holistic health, immunity and stamina.

You can learn more at

Feel free to be in touch with questions and to schedule a free session for your team.

Small Group Mastermind Circle - 4 Spots for the Spring Cycle

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Whole Life Rejuvenation Circle over the last month.  The calls were deeply moving and transformative. Moving forward, I will continue to offer open calls once a month (next one for the spring equinox).  

As we enter spring, I am inspired to create peer-to-peer support to help you gain massive traction on your to-do lists, plans, and bigger vision.

And so, I am inviting you to a weekly mastermind circle (4 spots available), which will give you the support, encouragement and accountability to take action on the goals that are most important to you.

Where do you need to focus and take action as we enter springtime?  

In this circle, you will:

  • clarify what is most important to you
  • create specific goals and a clear plan of action 
  • stay focused, every day, and follow through  

There are 4 spots available for this Circle, on a first come first serve basis.  Our first session is Wednesday, March 22nd.  So, register now to secure your spot.  
Click here to learn more and register.

Going Forth: Taking Courageous Action (Teleseminar)

Going Forth: Taking Courageous Action

Yesterday, I was speaking with a mentor.  At the end of the conversation, he asked me what I am feeling grateful for.  I said, “fear - I am grateful for the fear that is motivating me to act.”  In response, he said, “I am grateful for your courage to take actions that are uncomfortable.”

Today, I am grateful for this Work That Reconnects that Joanna Macy has brought forth to share with the world, in service to all of life.  Tonight, we complete a full cycle of this Work:



  • Wed, Feb 1st: Gratitude and Self Care

  • Wed, Feb 8th: Liberating Pain into Power

  • Thursday, Feb 16th: Seeing With New Eyes

  • Wed, Feb 22nd: Deep Time - Gathering Strength From the Ancestors and Future Generations

  • Wed, March 1st: Going Forth with Courageous Action

Towards what end do we travel around this spiral of The Work That Reconnects? 

We do this Work to find our authority to take courageous action, even if it scares us.  As we travel through the spiral, we find our courage to act, despite the fears, doubts, insecurities and seductions that distract us from our birthright.

Tonight, I will tell the story of the Buddha confronting his seeming nemesis, Mara, who says, who do you think you are, thinking that you can understand and move beyond the source of your suffering.  He responds to her accusation by pointing to the earth, as if to say:

“”This is my right to be here; this is my right to seek freedom from endless suffering and inflicting of suffering.”  It was by the authority of Earth that he sought liberation from suffering, and when he did that, the scriptures say, the Earth roared...We can touch the Earth.  That act, even if only mental, reminds us of who we are and what we are about, as we confront the global corporate economy.  We are here for the sake of life.  By the authority of our belonging to Earth from the beginning of time, we are here.” - p.208, Coming Back to Life, By Joanna Macy and Molly Brown

Join us to complete the cycle, and fortify yourself to move into the courageous action that is in your heart to take.

Going Forth: Taking Courageous Action

Tonight - Wednesday, March 1st,
8:00-9:15pm ET / 5:00-6:15pm PT

Register Here:

In grateful service,


Deep Time: Accessing Courage through connection with Ancestors & Future Generations

“Speed and efficiency are not in themselves signs of intelligence or capability of correctness.” -John Ralston Saul (qouted from Coming Back to Life by Joanna Macy & Molly Brown)

"Measure of time, once based on changing seasons and wheeling stars, then much later the ticking of the clock, is now parceled out in nanoseconds.  We have lost time as a biologically measurable experience...Both the legacy of our ancestors and the claims of our descendants become less and less real.  Our culture’s readiness to demolish treasures of the past - and to permanently poison the aquifers the future ones will need - reveals a pathetically shrunken sense of time and a pathological denial of its humans we have the capacity and the birthright to experience time in a saner fashion.” - Coming Back to Life by Joanna Macy & Molly Brown

In my own dark night of the soul, which I write about in my forthcoming book, it was literally a struggle for me to imagine my own future.  And therefore, believe it or not, I couldn’t imagine developing relationships with friends and family into the future.  I didn’t see the possibility of continuity.  Ironically, this chapter in my life came after many years of disciplined focus on cultivating an embodied vision of a life-sustaining future for Humanity, Mother Earth, and All of Life.  

My ”connective tissue” with both the ancestors who passed down stories, teachings, prophecies, and guidance for how to navigate this great time of transformation, and with the future generations, for whom we work, serve, persevere, and create, felt as if it had been severed.

As I emerged from the darkness, and re-membered myself within the magnificent web of life, I rejoiced in the ever-renewing quality of connection with loved ones - from the past, present and future.  And, I realized, that the sense of personal loss that I had been feeling - a loss of connectivity with past and future, is a global phenomenon, being experienced by all humans, in some way, shape or form.  

Our Global Industrial Society is acting in a way that does not believe in the continuity of life.

“It seems both outrageous and irresponsible that so few mental health clinicians connect the epidemics of mental distress in industrial societies with the devastating impact of our suicidal destruction of our own habitat and ecocidal elimination of whole species.” - Linda Buzzel and Craig Chalquist (qouted from Coming Back to Life by Joanna Macy & Molly Brown)



Deep Time: Accessing Courage through connection with Ancestors & Future Generations

Wednesday, Feb 22nd @ 8:00pm ET / 5:00pm PT

Register at


In this call, we intentionally re-connect and re-member ourselves within the larger network of relationships throughout time, and in so doing, renew our source of purpose, inspiration, courage and conviction to stay focused on gratitude and connection to life.

I look forward to being with you on the call.

In grateful service,



Seeing With New Eyes: From Separation to Connectivity (Group Call)

“There is no birth of consciousness without pain.” - Carl Jung

“The Chinese character for crisis is a combination of two forms: one means danger, the other opportunity.  On this fulcrum danger turns to opportunity...As we allow the world’s pain to flow in, it rearranges our internal structures.  Then the outflow releases our gifts of response into the world...The very distress that, when we hid it, seemed to separate us from other people, now uncovers our connective tissue.” - Coming Back to Life, Joanna & Molly Brown

Seeing With New Eyes: From Separation to Connectivity
Thursday, Feb 16th at 8:00pm ET / 5:00pm PT
Week 3 of our Whole Life Rejuvenation Circle for Support and Empowerment

To register, visit

We begin with the practice of Gratitude, to open our hearts to what it is that we truly love.  Our gratitude gives us ground from which to touch into and transform our pain for the struggles of life - personally and globally.  Then, we journey into Seeing With New Eyes, by exploring:

  • When I Made a Difference...Connecting with experiences where you have made a positive impact, which brings awareness to your power as a force in the world that is moving towards harmony and vitality.

  • The Bodhisatva Check-In / Owning My Life...seeing yourself as perfectly placed to take part in the healing of the world in your unique and particular way.  This perspective brings new light, meaning, and thus, courage to your quest for contribution and service.

When we engage this journey in community, we come out the other end feeling our inherent connection to the web of life.

I find this work to be so important, especially at this time of such polarization in society, because it brings me into deep contact with the source of sound, true, authentic, real leadership.  This is what I need to guide me each day in my life in order to move through the dark places and stay engaged, awake, and courageous.

Leadership is only relevant if it leads us towards the protection, stewardship, and revitalization of life itself.  This work brings us all into connection with the web of life, with which we are intricately interwoven.

To register, visit

I look forward to being with you on the call tomorrow night.

in grateful service,


How to Honor Our Pain for the World & Transform It Into Power: Group Call

How to Honor Our Pain for the World & Transform It Into Power: Wednesday @ 8pm ET / 5pm PT: Whole Life Rejuvenation Circle: Ongoing Weekly Support & Empowerment Calls

Life purpose unfolds within a narrative of how we see the world.  What story are you living in?

Business-as-usual is what we hear from the political and economic establishment, and it says that we don’t need to change, but continue on as we are.  The Great Unravelingspeaks to the plethora of evidence that the convergent crises in our world are overwhelming our capacity to respond, and we are heading for a catastrophic breakdown.

The Great Turning is the empowering perspective that something more is emerging from within each one of us, and through our collective efforts; a yearning to create a life-sustaining culture.  And, while there are certainly no guarantees, it simply feels better to align ourselves with the vitality that is growing within and around us.

While I consciously choose to align myself with The Great Turning, there are moments and days when I feel the heavy truth of The Great Unraveling, and struggle to connect to the light and inspiration of my own next steps to contribute to that which I believe in.

For these moments, its essential to come together in community and allow ourselves to release our fears, doubts, and limitations, so we can honor our pain for life, without getting stuck in it.

The only way out is through

Tomorrow night, we will create a space to engage in this deep work of liberating our life force.  While there may be difficult moments in the process, you will feel lighter, more free, revitalized and grounded in your courage when we finish.

If you would like to attend this week’s Whole Life Rejuvenation Circle: Ongoing Weekly Support & Empowerment Calls, simply email me back, and I will send you registration and call in details.

Last week, we focused on How to Use Gratitude for Greater Effectiveness & Increased Energy In All Areas of Your Life.  Email me to request a recording of this beautifully inspiring session.

in grateful service,


How to Use Gratitude for Greater Effectiveness & Increased Energy In All Areas of Your Life: MP3 Recording

How to Use Gratitude for Greater Effectiveness & Increased Energy In All Areas of Your Life

Download MP3:

Listen Online:

If you listen/download this recording, please consider making a donation of $5-$15 to The Medicine Tree.  Thank you!


Whole Life Rejuvenation Circle: Group Calls

We are deeply troubled by the desecration of the earth, nature, and of the fabric of our social systems.  In being honest with ourselves and each other, we release a magnitude of creative force and energy from the very wellsprings of our humanness.  

When we hear ourselves speak our personal truth, we are able to respond more effectively, intelligently, and even heroically, to the whole context of change and transformation that is needed right now.  And so, you are invited to the first session in 2017 of the:

Whole Life Rejuvenation Circle: 
Ongoing Weekly Support & Empowerment Calls
Starting Wednesday, February 1st from 8-9:15pm ET/ 5-6:15pm PT.  

In the spirit of gathering round the fire, each week this will be a place for us to come together for support, inspiration, accountability, courage, to refocus the mind and revitalize our courage to make each week conscious, empowering, and meaningful.  

To register, simply reply to this email, and I will send you call-in details. (If you can't make it this week, but are interested, you are welcome to join in following weeks, so be in touch.)

In my own life, and in the web of life in which we are all embedded, I see that our greatest source of distress (and power) is the elephant-in-the-room...

Our living systems are in danger of collapsing under the weight of our Industrial Growth Society.  You are well aware of this, and concerned, yet how much time and space do you give to actually be with these feelings?

If we don’t give space in our lives to feel what we truly feel, we miss out on the unexpected reservoir of life force within us - our passion, power, creativity, and courage that flows underneath the low-level anxiety, chronic stress, worry, and, at times, even despair.

This weekly group is dedicated to unleashing our life force in service to the great web of life, so we can show up in our humanness, be real, courageous, creative, and fully aligned with our deepest held beliefs, values and desires to live a life of contribution to a life-sustaining future.

Our theme for February is:
The Power to Choose

Our focus for each week is as follows:

  • Wed, Feb 1st: Gratitude and Self Care
  • Wed, Feb 8th: Liberating Pain into Power
  • Wed, Feb 15th: Seeing With New Eyes
  • Tues, Feb 21st: Deep Time - Gathering Strength From the Ancestors and Future Generations
  • Wed, Feb 29th: Going Forth with Courageous Action

The sliding scale contribution for these weekly sessions is $20-40 per call or $80-160 if you register for all five at the beginning of the month.  I will send you the payment link with call-in details.

Simply reply to this email that you would like to be part of this unique circle of healing and empowerment, and I will be in touch with you directly with next steps.

I’m excited to be convening this sacred space for us to gather and grow together, each and every week.  As we move into this new era of a trump presidency, we must stick together and stoke the fire of our inner resources more than ever.  I look forward to being with you on Wednesday.

Our leaders got confused.

So we are all leaders now.

|They told us there was nothing we could do.

They were wrong.

When we tell ourselves

There’s nothing we can do, we are wrong.

...We’re all making the soup

We’re all eating.

We’re all weaving the cloth.

We’re all wearing.


-Anne Herbert and Paloma Pavel
(taken from Joanna Macy’s Coming Back to Life)


In grateful service and solidarity,