Going Forth: Taking Courageous Action (Teleseminar)

Going Forth: Taking Courageous Action

Yesterday, I was speaking with a mentor.  At the end of the conversation, he asked me what I am feeling grateful for.  I said, “fear - I am grateful for the fear that is motivating me to act.”  In response, he said, “I am grateful for your courage to take actions that are uncomfortable.”

Today, I am grateful for this Work That Reconnects that Joanna Macy has brought forth to share with the world, in service to all of life.  Tonight, we complete a full cycle of this Work:



  • Wed, Feb 1st: Gratitude and Self Care

  • Wed, Feb 8th: Liberating Pain into Power

  • Thursday, Feb 16th: Seeing With New Eyes

  • Wed, Feb 22nd: Deep Time - Gathering Strength From the Ancestors and Future Generations

  • Wed, March 1st: Going Forth with Courageous Action

Towards what end do we travel around this spiral of The Work That Reconnects? 

We do this Work to find our authority to take courageous action, even if it scares us.  As we travel through the spiral, we find our courage to act, despite the fears, doubts, insecurities and seductions that distract us from our birthright.

Tonight, I will tell the story of the Buddha confronting his seeming nemesis, Mara, who says, who do you think you are, thinking that you can understand and move beyond the source of your suffering.  He responds to her accusation by pointing to the earth, as if to say:

“”This is my right to be here; this is my right to seek freedom from endless suffering and inflicting of suffering.”  It was by the authority of Earth that he sought liberation from suffering, and when he did that, the scriptures say, the Earth roared...We can touch the Earth.  That act, even if only mental, reminds us of who we are and what we are about, as we confront the global corporate economy.  We are here for the sake of life.  By the authority of our belonging to Earth from the beginning of time, we are here.” - p.208, Coming Back to Life, By Joanna Macy and Molly Brown

Join us to complete the cycle, and fortify yourself to move into the courageous action that is in your heart to take.

Going Forth: Taking Courageous Action

Tonight - Wednesday, March 1st,
8:00-9:15pm ET / 5:00-6:15pm PT

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In grateful service,