Weekend Retreat: The Only Way Out Is Through (April 29-30, 2017)

Do you feel something big shifting too?  

Whew!  Times are feeling really intense these days.  Facing into the reality of this moment on Earth has been for us like removing layers of innocence, and seeing again with new eyes. Weeks on end, and we are exhausted; and also full of pain, anger, grief, sadness; and also even joy, inspiration and love.

In order to keep moving despite moments of feeling immobilized, to feel the joy and despair as part of one whole experience of life, I feel called to team up with an old friend and colleague, Orion Kriegman (founder of the Boston Food Forest Coalition), and offer:

The Only Way Out is Through: Transforming Our Grief into Courage and Empowerment in the face of Planetary Suffering

April 29th & 30th | Sheffield, MA

We are two old friends who have traveled different paths to a shared wisdom, and have experienced the clearing and renewal that happens when we turn toward our grief -  both our personal grief and our grief for the planet which are really one river anyway.  In planning this workshop, we drew inspiration and guidance from Joanna Macy's The Work That Reconnects. 

Through this work, we have both experienced the healing that opens our heart and renews our capacity to take creative and courageous action.  While we can't promise what your experience will be, together we will create a safe space for you to bring your whole self to this weekend.

Space is limited to 11 participants.  Please visit http://www.themedicinetree.com/theonlywayoutisthrough/
for all the details and to registration.  And, feel free to be in touch with us directly questions, via email or phone.

in grateful service,