Sometimes less is More: Mindfulness Sound Meditation

Sometimes, when you feel like you have no time to do anything "more," you can get a lot from shifting perspective and immersing yourself and your team in the self-care that will increase your capacity to respond effectively, to whatever is in front of you.

Mindfulness Sound Meditation activates your team's capacity to imagine creative solutions and mobilize the energy, intelligence and courage to take effective action.  Benefits include:

  1. Increased energy, enthusiasm, positive attitude, mental clarity, and emotional resilience
  2. Enhanced performance and productivity
  3. Elevated team unity & effective communication through an affordable, unique shared experience
  4. Heightened capacity to make wise decisions in the face of ever-increasing complexity and chaos
  5. Reduced stress-related costs of poor health and employee absenteeism by strengthening holistic health, immunity and stamina.

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