Holistic Leadership: Everything You Are is in Everything You Do

The ends never justify the means.  
So, choose to be the change you wish to see in the world. 
Because, everything you are is in everything you do.

Holistic Leadership is about being who you are - wherever you are: when you are by yourself, in the privacy of your own thoughts; when you are at work interacting with colleagues, at home with your family or in the community with friends and especially with those who push your buttons. 

In other words, it means developing an inner compass of integrity, values alignment and a code of conduct & ethics that is consistent across.  This is clearly hard work - so why is it worth it?  What does it make possible in your life?


how important is it to you - to not only have a sense of meaning, purpose and mission in your life, but to be integrity with your purpose?

Let me illustrate what I mean - think of a time that you felt awful - just down in the dumps.  Not physically, but emotionally and in your mindset.  If you trace your steps, you might found that that feeling of "awful" is connected to a behavioral choice that was out of alignment with your integrity - that is your unspoken commitments to what you care about most. 

In the last moments of my life, when I am on my deathbed, will I have regrets or will I know, without hesitation, that I played all out?

Not just with my sense of effort (the "yang" or masculine aspect of leadership), but also with the deeper wisdom that it takes to let go and surrender (the "yin" or feminine aspect of leadership).  

Did I cultivate my sense of wisdom, so that I could understand and practice the precision of saying or doing the right thing at the right time for the right reason?

One of my key mentors in my life, named Hawksbrother, used to tell me - "you are always only doing one thing."  Or he would say it another way, "you want to make it so your life is all just one thing - one fluid gesture."

This guidance has led me in a direction towards locating a core organizing principle within my life, which I am calling Sound Leadership. 

What next step does this topic stir in you?

To listen to a 4-minute video on this topic, click here.