When You've Hit Rock Bottom (or someone you know does)

When you've hit rock bottom, it's time to be real,
and ask a trustworthy friend to tell you their story of being in the hole.
When I remember that I'm human, I'm able to start climbing again.

This morning a member of our Resonance Circle showed up in The Hole - every aspect of this person's life is up for grabs - relationship, career, community, finances. 

It happens.

So, what did I do?  

I asked everyone in the circle to share a time when they had hit rock bottom.

As I listened, I remembered one of my many rock bottoms -

I was in the beginning of a new relationship with my wife, and  felt wholly inadequate for the task.

During a visit with family, which kicked up my negative self-talk even louder, so much that I was having thoughts of taking my life, and I was sitting on a stoop of a busy street, rolling tobacco, which I was habitually using at the time to get through.

Just then, I saw someone with a prosthetic leg walk by me at eye-level. 

I froze.

I registered the moment.  

The Universe was speaking to me - sending me a message.  It gave me this lightening bolt of insight:

"As long as I have legs, I'm going to keep walking.  As long as my heart is beating, I'm going to use the gifts that I've been given.  I'm gonna stay in the game - and keep playing all out."

That moment was a turning point for me.  I felt something solid that I hadn't before.

What's an experience that you've had of hitting rock bottom?  What did you harvest from it that allowed for new possibility?

Thank you for who you are, what you do, and for standing for possibility.  To listen to my five minute Facebook Live Video on this topic, click here.


ps.  I felt called to share this because it's alive and fresh - just speaking about it this morning.  And, because I want you to know that our Resonance Circles are about connecting with the whole of who you are and bringing it ALL to how you show up and lead your life, work and relationships.  I believe that that is what we need, as a human family right now.  That's what time it is on planet earth.

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