How Vowel Sounds Activate Your Leadership Potential

Sound is an organizing principle.

What do you trust with such a deep and profound intuition that you never question the truth of it's life-affirming power?

For me, sound healing is like that.  Specifically, the vowel sounds - OO, Oh, Ahhh, Ayy, EEE.  If you aren't familiar with toning or singing sacred sounds, it will be challenging to describe in writing how profound a practice it is - that's why I created this short facebook live video to explain in more detail. 

In short, sound is perhaps the most ancient of practices to connect you to your essential Self and open the gateways of intuition, deeper wisdom and higher intelligence. 

I'm sharing this because last week I was speaking about Holistic Intelligence, which calls you to live a life of "one fluid gesture" - a life that is integrated, whole and unified. 

The business-as-usual culture that I grew up in, taught me to compartmentalize the different aspects of my Self, so that I thought I needed to put on a mask and act a certain way at work, another way at home, yet a third way with friends, and on and on and on... 

As a young boy, playing jazz piano, tap dancing and singing melodies as I walked down the sidewalk or wandered in nature, I connected with the power of sound to renew my self of wholeness.  And, when I was introduced to the vowel sounds in a sound healing training seven years ago, I felt deep intuitive resonance with their visceral truth - and I've been working with them ever since, on my own, and with clients.

Bringing the vowel sounds into groups generates an immediate sense of connectedness, safety, and realness that opens the possibility for you to let your guard down, be honest, and feel held in a sense of belonging.

Consistently practicing the vowel sounds in a group context gradually generates an experience where you feel your life becoming one whole, integrated and unified experience - as opposed to disparate parts.

Feeling whole and unified is essential for you to stand in your leadership and speak your truth.  The vowel sounds teach through the pure experience of resonance and vibration how to have the courage to listen to the deeper intuition and calling within you that is always inviting you to stretch into your edge, for the sake of the contribution that you have to make to the ever expanding whole.

Resonance Circles: A Place for ChangeMakers to Grow as Leaders
The small group resonance circles that I facilitate all begin with the practice of toning the vowel sounds.  If you feel a strange resistance and curiosity about this practice, and you are looking to grow your leadership capacity, I invite you to schedule a 30-minute discovery session, to see if this is the right fit for you.  

I will be opening enrollment to a wider audience in the near future, so now is the time to claim your place in the circle, before others step in.  Click here to learn more or simply reply to this email that you are interested.