3 Keys to Master Your Physical Space & Amplify Flow States

How you flow through time
correlates directly to the state of
your physical and mental environment.

Winter is the time for deep visioning, getting into good books, watching movies, telling stories, and pondering what will be possible as the year unfolds. 

As the sunlight begins to grow stronger, the energies of Life begin to stir and movement quickens.  It's wise to prepare for faster pace of spring and summer, now, so that you can keep pace with the faster current.

There are three areas that are most important to focus on, in order to tune-up your systems and elevate the way you play:

1. Discipline Your Headspace
2. Master Your Physical Environment
3. Learn to Flow with Time to Amplify Synchronicity

Below I share next steps for each, and how they weave together.  You can also listen to me speak about it in this short facebook live video.

Discipline Your Headspace
This is short form for setting up work flow systems that allow you to stop storing information in your head.  You need to get the information out of your head and into a reliable system, so that you can leave your headspace for cultivating a quiet, creative mind that has the spaciousness to generate original thinking. 

A first practical step is to create an "In-basket" folder for your emails, computer desktop, and paper files, and put everything that is out in plain sight into those respective folders.  Then, schedule a chunk of time, up to 2 hours, to go through the items in the folders, one-by-one, and organize them.  This means having a coherent filing system, as well, so you know where to process everything.

Master Your Physical Environment
This means both your workspace and your homespace.  And, it means that everything in your life needs to have a place - a home - where it belongs.  This creates a tremendous sense of ease, self-mastery, and capacity to make empowered choices in your life, as a whole.  It is also incredibly energizing and rejuvenating to be in an office and home environment that is orderly and well-respected.   How you treat your space reflects on how you treat yourself. 

Flow with the Cycles of Time and Amplify Synchronicity
Begin by noticing the cycles and phases of the moon.  When is the moon full and when is it new?  Tune-in.  The new moon is for planting seeds of intention and the full-moon is for acknowledging the abundance with gratitude.

It is also useful to greet the sun in the morning.  Ancient Toltec wisdom (Don Miguel Ruiz) says that the sun's rays are literally the new thoughts for this day.  Lastly, create time to honor the changing of the seasons through connection to the equinoxes and solstices. 

I will be offering an equinox meditation on March 20th, which you are welcome to participate in.  Registration info to come soon.  


If you'd like support and uplifting accountability with engaging these three elements - headspace, physical environment and flowing with time - this will be our main focus for the next ten weeks, in our Resonance Circles, in preparation for our Spring Retreat.  Feel free to be in touch about getting involved.


What was useful in these words?   What is emerging as a next action step?  You can watch the facebook live on this topic here, if you haven't done so already.