Who is the "Elephant in YOUR Room" in 2019?

If you see something that needs to be said
then you are probably the one to say it.

Last week I listened to a interview with Sonali Fiske, on the Awarepreneurs podcast.  Sonali is a leadership consultant who is creating spaces and support for Women of Color to speak their truth when it comes to transforming the paradigm of white-dominated airwaves in the leadership space.

Her words affirmed a conviction that I share - each one of us has an "elephant in the room." 

In 2019, we have so many examples of role models who are being real, speaking up and having the courage to not know what's going to happen when they do speak up - but they're doing it anyway.

So, what is your elephant in the room?  Where do you see something that not only could be said, but if it was said, would actually catalyze a transformative process?

It doesn't have to be on the world stage. 

As you read these words, tune-in to your heart and your conscience. 

What is something that you've been withholding - to your spouse, partner, child, brother, sister, co-worker, boss, employee, organizational team?

Or maybe you are ready to say something on a bigger stage - write an article, give a talk in your community or in your networking association.  

In other words...

What do you see, that no one else sees?

For me, I have two articles that I've been drafting up - that are naming the Elephant in My Room. 

Here's a taste of what I'm working on:

#1: Building Alliances between the Men's Movement and Native American Communities:
The Men's Movement, which is mostly made up of white men, has an opportunity and responsibility to express appreciation and create supportive alliances with Native American communities, mainly because men's organizations are utilizing Native American traditional practices (i.e. sweat lodge). 

#2: You Can't Be Neutral on a Moving Train - A Call to Greater Integrity in the Coaching Industry:
The coaching industry needs to acknowledge that if we are coaching businesses and organizations that aren't explicitly working for a sustainable, viable future, they are part of the problem, and our coaching is actually supporting them to do harm.  Just as doctors have an oath to "do no harm," as coaches, we need to be clear about whether our strategic planning is working towards pipelines and mountaintop removal or solar panels, healthy soils and clean water.

I invite you to take a moment to acknowledge what you see that no one else sees.  

Take 10 minutes to write those ideas down, and make a commitment to choose one "safe person" in your life to share these insights with.  From there, you will see what the best next step is. 

In other words, it does no good to blurt out your insights.  It's necessary to prepare yourself to stand behind your message.

Lastly, an invitation, if you are ready to go to work:

If you are looking to take your commitments to another level of sincerity, dedication and manifestation in this coming year, there are currently 2 spots open in each of the men's and women's Resonance Circles. 

There are a number of people who have already expressed interest, so these spots will fill soon.  If you feel the call, fill out this short form to schedule a 30-minute consultation, and we can discuss whether one of those spots is for you.

Thank you for who you are, what you do, and for standing for possibility.  To listen to my five minute Facebook Live Video on this topic, click here.