Masterminding for Focus, Clarity and Following Through

This afternoon I'm driving to Rising with Roots: Courage, Conviction & Community in this Beautiful, Teetering Time, a six-day retreat called  focused on the Work That Reconnects, a process that I shared in the month-long workshop in February, based on the work of elder ecophilosopher, activist and buddhist scholar, Joanna Macy, PhD.

The description of the retreat says, "we are alive at an extraordinary moment in time. It is a time of growing uncertainty, as climate catastrophe looms, the sixth mass extinction accelerates, and the wounds of inequality and inhumanity are laid bare. It is also a time of great possibility when creativity, courage, and collective action can change the political and ecological landscape for future generations."

To prepare for the journey, I watched a video on animal tracking this morning, with Jon Young, the founder of the 8 Shields Institute.  He spoke about a "silver line" that emerges in his vision as he tracks an animal through the landscape...

It reminded me of the Thread of Guidance that I sense extending out of our hearts into the future, leading us to our most important work, greatest contribution and purposeful offering to respond effectively to this momentous time.

When we meet the process halfway, and cultivate this relationship with our life purpose and destiny, our consciousness evolves more quickly and we emerge into situations where we are able to give our gifts more fully and authentically.

I have found weekly coaching for support and accountability to be one of the most effective ways to develop my capacity, and I see my clients who I work with on a weekly basis growing into their goals with the most ease, grace and inspiration.  

I created the Small Group Mastermind Circle because coaching support and accountability is most effective when you have it every week.  The process of articulating priorities, setting goals, taking action, following through, reflecting, gaining insight and learning from the feedback received from the action - this iterative process - is the most important aspect of a transformational journey that leads to effective results in our life, health, relationships, career and work.

And, the best part, is that the Mastermind Circle is very affordable (with a sliding scale payment model) and you receive motivation and support from the community experience of being in a group, which I will talk about more in emails that I will send next week. We had an energizing Intro Call yesterday, with Daniel Duron, a participant in this past spring cycle, sharing his transformative experience, which you can listen to by clicking the link below.

There are only 4 spots (out of 10) left for the summer cycle which begins on June 14th (registration ends June 8th),  so if you feel your heart chords pulling on you to jump in, don't think about it to much, just jump!  Its a beautiful journey...