Why do Mastermind Groups work so well?

The simple, practical, answer is - when you hear the other participants in the group setting goals, taking action and following through, you feel inspired to keep going and doing the same. Here are some thoughts from Stephanie Burns, the founder and CEO of Chic CEO, in an article she published for Forbes online

"Mastermind groups are relatively new to most people, even though Napoleon Hill created the concept around 75 years ago with his book, Think and Grow Rich. A mastermind group is designed to help you navigate through challenges using the collective intelligence of others...Here are 7 reasons why a mastermind might be right for you:

1. You'll be part of an exclusive community. 
2. Advisement. Once you are involved in a mastermind, that feeling of "being alone" while running your business is gone. 
3. Collaboration is the name of the game. You may find someone in the group that is a perfect fit to work on a project with you. 
4. Extend your network. Joining a mastermind expands your network exponentially and rapidly. 
5. New learning. Everyone in the mastermind is unique in skill, experience and connections. 
6. Cross-promotion. When you join a mastermind, you will most likely find ways to help each other by utilizing cross promotion. 
7. Think bigger. Being in a mastermind will truly give you a Master Mind! You can't help but think bigger and stretch beyond your boundaries when surrounded by amazing people doing amazing things."

I created the Small Group Mastermind Circlebecause coaching support and accountability is most effective when you have it every week.  The process of articulating priorities, setting goals, taking action, following through, reflecting, gaining insight and learning from the feedback received from the action - this iterative process - is the most important aspect of a transformational journey that leads to effective results in our life, health, relationships, career and work.

The best part is that the Mastermind Circle is very affordable (with a sliding scale payment model) and you receive motivation and support from the community experience of being in a group...on Tuesday, I will share from a more energetic perspective about the power of being in a group - developing a field of morphic resonance...

Lastly, we had an energizing Intro Call last week, with Daniel Duron, a participant in this past spring cycle, sharing his transformative experience, which you can listen to by clicking the link below.

There are only 3 spots (out of 10) left for the summer cycle which begins on June 14th (registration ends June 8th),  so if you feel your heart chords pulling on you to jump in, don't think about it to much, just jump!  Its a beautiful journey...