Acupuncture Sound Baths for Your Practical Everyday Life

“I was feeling constricted and the sounds helped me to bring movement and space into the place where there were problems, so I could see solutions.”

At the end of our Acupuncture Sound Baths, we always ask participants what they experienced, what they learned, and how they will apply it to their everyday life in a practical way.  One of our participants shared the quotation above, and it struck me as significant, so I wanted to elaborate...

Working with the combination of acupuncture and sound therapy stimulates a creative environment where resilience is amplified.  In our personal lives, families and workplace organizations, we often feel overstressed, and thus lack creativity and aliveness.  Healing vibrations enliven and animate our imagination, rejuvenate the energy in our bodies, and therefore, revive the vigor in our spirits to go back out there and give it everything we’ve got.

How does it work?  What happens to our consciousness during an acupuncture sound bath journey?  Where do we go?

The feedback that we receive from participants is that there is a sense of renewal.  The acupuncture sound bath is a sound journey that can be experienced as a mini-ordeal, a fractal initiation, or a micro rite-of-passage.  It is healing because it empowers and strengthens us so we can better handle the real, out-in-the-world, ordeals that we face each-and-every-day of our lives.

Within the morphogenetic field that is created through the vibratory frequencies of a sound therapy session, you are presented with both the challenge and the capacity to overcome.  Rupert Sheldrake, the creator of the theory of morphogenetic fields says that they “work by imposing patterns on otherwise random or indeterminate patterns of activity” (

In other words, sound becomes therapeutic, healing, and a catalyst for transformation, when it is utilized in a way that makes you aware of the disturbance in your life (i.e the random patterns) whether physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual, and supports you to connect with a coherent pattern that brings organization and alignment to your whole self, bringing an overall sense of wellbeing.  It makes you aware of the “poison” and empowers you to find the "antidote" within you, by effectively confronting the issue at hand within a supportive and nourishing sound environment.

In an acupuncture sound bath, you may become more aware of the stuckness that characterizes the particulars of life’s “problems” and then, you are reminded of your inner resources that emerge, mysteriously and miraculously, during the course of the sound journey, to provide you with the creative solutions that are necessary to overcome, thrive, and walk in beauty.

Sound therapy is an effective modality to empower you to take your game to the next level.  “Lev and Sarah’s acupuncture sound bath experience is a journey that should not be missed.  They make the self-discovery experience very comfortable and approachable.  I will be back, often.” - Jill Johnston, Acu-Sound Bath Participant

When I emerge from guiding an acupuncture sound bath journey, I often feel connected to a place of deep reverence, humility, and connection with all of life -  those who have come before, those who are here now, and in service to those who will be here in the future.  My sense is that this is a shared, yet unspoken, feeling that permeates the whole group.  

I look forward to sharing this special experience with you.  Its what I love to do most in the world.