Sound Leadership In Our Times: 1st Podcast with Catherine Van Wetter

Click HERE to download and listen to the podcast.

I am initiating Sound Leadership For Our Times, a new conversation platform / podcast interview series where I will be dialoguing with colleagues to explore the intersection of the fields of healing and leadership in service to the empowerment of people and eco-social organizations who are working towards a positive future.

The focus will be having conversations with sound therapists, holistic healers, coaches and thought leaders who are engaged in eco-social organizations, businesses and/or initiatives.  We will be uncovering

In my first interview, with holistic healer & best-selling author, Catherine Van Wetter, I ask:

  • Why have you chosen to do the work that you do?  Why do you believe in it?

  • What positive impact do you believe you are having in the world?

  • How do you stay hopeful, engaged and inspired in these challenging times?

  • What is effective leadership in our times?  What does it mean to be a sound leader?

  • What is your vision for a better world?  How do we get there?  And, how are you creating that vision through the work that you’re doing?

    To listen to the interview, click HERE.  Enjoy and please leave comments and let me know your questions, comments and reflections.