Prioritizing What Is Most Important This Summer

"Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex, the solutions remain embarrassingly simple." 
-Bill Mollison, One of the Founding Leaders in the Permaculture Movement

As we approach the summer solstice next week, the zenith of the LIGHT, its essential to take time to focus on what is MOST IMPORTANT in your life, work and relationships.  

In this Newsletter:
1. Food for thought: Prioritizing what's most important
2. Acupuncture Sound Bath on June 30th
3. PermaJam Festival on July 4th Weekend

Food for Thought:
Yesterday, a client was sharing with me how much he loves to cook!  But, for some reason, he has fallen into a routine of letting his wife cook for him and the kids for weeks on end.  So, we focused on the DISCIPLINE of PRIORITIZING cooking at least once a week - as if his life depended on it...because, well it actually really does...

His sense of confidence, as a husband and father, depends on taking action that resonates with his integrity - and he feels an innate need to contribute to the cooking, which is also so enjoyable for him.  So, what ONE THING do you feel a deep need to prioritize in your life this week?

Upcoming Live Event & Festival Weekend:

Acupuncture Sound Bath @ LifeWorks Studio in Great Barrington - Friday, June 30th at 7:30pm: 

My wife, Sarah and I have been offering this unique acupuncture sound bath since we first met in 2014, and recently moved to the Berkshires from New York where Sarah founded Brooklyn Acupuncture Project in 2008 and Lev founded The Medicine Tree in 2010.  Acupuncture Sound Baths are a community experience that help us to tap into the embodied virtues of our human potential.  Sessions attune your internal natural rhythm and awaken your capacity to respond creatively to the increasing complexity and intensity of life’s challenges.

 More and more, we are offering these sound events for private groups, including business teams (i.e. restaurant staff), eco-social organizations and even bachelorette parties.  Click here learn more and register.


I will be offering 2 workshops at the second annual PermaJam Festival is coming together of people who "hear the calling for a cultural revival, a return to our roots, breaking out of the mainstream that is influencing our children today. As conscious and aware humans unite, we have the power to build a harmonious foundation  we can flourish on, which starts with planting seeds for our youth. If we can’t provide the valuable wisdom, tools and skill sets our children need to grow, then how will future generations prosper?" (From the website)

The workshops that I will be offering are...

#1: Return of the Medicine Trees: A Vision of Sound Leadership for Global Coherence on Sunday, July 2nd at 2:15pm

#2:Visionary Sound Journey for Global Coherence at 10am on Monday, July 3rd.

Tickets are available at for the whole festival or per day - with many workshops, musical events and wonderful people to meet.  

Use the Promo Code: medicinetree - and pay just $85 for the whole 4 day festival or just $33 per day.  I look forward to seeing you there!

in grateful service,