Seeing With New Eyes: From Separation to Connectivity (Group Call)

“There is no birth of consciousness without pain.” - Carl Jung

“The Chinese character for crisis is a combination of two forms: one means danger, the other opportunity.  On this fulcrum danger turns to opportunity...As we allow the world’s pain to flow in, it rearranges our internal structures.  Then the outflow releases our gifts of response into the world...The very distress that, when we hid it, seemed to separate us from other people, now uncovers our connective tissue.” - Coming Back to Life, Joanna & Molly Brown

Seeing With New Eyes: From Separation to Connectivity
Thursday, Feb 16th at 8:00pm ET / 5:00pm PT
Week 3 of our Whole Life Rejuvenation Circle for Support and Empowerment

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We begin with the practice of Gratitude, to open our hearts to what it is that we truly love.  Our gratitude gives us ground from which to touch into and transform our pain for the struggles of life - personally and globally.  Then, we journey into Seeing With New Eyes, by exploring:

  • When I Made a Difference...Connecting with experiences where you have made a positive impact, which brings awareness to your power as a force in the world that is moving towards harmony and vitality.

  • The Bodhisatva Check-In / Owning My Life...seeing yourself as perfectly placed to take part in the healing of the world in your unique and particular way.  This perspective brings new light, meaning, and thus, courage to your quest for contribution and service.

When we engage this journey in community, we come out the other end feeling our inherent connection to the web of life.

I find this work to be so important, especially at this time of such polarization in society, because it brings me into deep contact with the source of sound, true, authentic, real leadership.  This is what I need to guide me each day in my life in order to move through the dark places and stay engaged, awake, and courageous.

Leadership is only relevant if it leads us towards the protection, stewardship, and revitalization of life itself.  This work brings us all into connection with the web of life, with which we are intricately interwoven.

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I look forward to being with you on the call tomorrow night.

in grateful service,