How to Honor Our Pain for the World & Transform It Into Power: Group Call

How to Honor Our Pain for the World & Transform It Into Power: Wednesday @ 8pm ET / 5pm PT: Whole Life Rejuvenation Circle: Ongoing Weekly Support & Empowerment Calls

Life purpose unfolds within a narrative of how we see the world.  What story are you living in?

Business-as-usual is what we hear from the political and economic establishment, and it says that we don’t need to change, but continue on as we are.  The Great Unravelingspeaks to the plethora of evidence that the convergent crises in our world are overwhelming our capacity to respond, and we are heading for a catastrophic breakdown.

The Great Turning is the empowering perspective that something more is emerging from within each one of us, and through our collective efforts; a yearning to create a life-sustaining culture.  And, while there are certainly no guarantees, it simply feels better to align ourselves with the vitality that is growing within and around us.

While I consciously choose to align myself with The Great Turning, there are moments and days when I feel the heavy truth of The Great Unraveling, and struggle to connect to the light and inspiration of my own next steps to contribute to that which I believe in.

For these moments, its essential to come together in community and allow ourselves to release our fears, doubts, and limitations, so we can honor our pain for life, without getting stuck in it.

The only way out is through

Tomorrow night, we will create a space to engage in this deep work of liberating our life force.  While there may be difficult moments in the process, you will feel lighter, more free, revitalized and grounded in your courage when we finish.

If you would like to attend this week’s Whole Life Rejuvenation Circle: Ongoing Weekly Support & Empowerment Calls, simply email me back, and I will send you registration and call in details.

Last week, we focused on How to Use Gratitude for Greater Effectiveness & Increased Energy In All Areas of Your Life.  Email me to request a recording of this beautifully inspiring session.

in grateful service,