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"We think we live in the world.  We think we live in a set of circumstances, but we don't.  We live in our conversation about the world and our conversation about the circumstances.  When we're in a conversation about fear and terror, about revenge and anger and retribution, jealousy and envy and comparison, then that is the world we inhabit.  If we're in a conversation about possibility, a conversation about gratitude and appreciation for the things in front of us, then that's the world we inhabit."

In the above excerpt from the powerful book, The Soul of Money, by Lynn Twist, she speaks directly to the essential purpose of our Resonant Leadership Circles. 

Through weekly core practices of Centering with Sound & Intention, Gratitude, Vision, Goals & Action, Inspiration; monthly practice of registering the impact that you're having in the world; and seasonal practices of Medicine Walks in Nature & Possibility Mapping, we discipline ourselves to actually live in a conversation of possibility.

In my research, writing and reflections, I am seeing that this kind of circle work is the frontier of business, organizational and human systems development.  The frontier is learning to create conversations of possibility in a desolate "conversation landscape" that is habituated towards fear, predictability and control.

In short, the "solutions" to our most pressing issues are "known."  But, to mobilize, manifest, implement and realize, in our complex world, we need to practice collective leadership - which is what I call leading like the forest - to work together, collaborate, on more than just a surface-level.   

We need to develop deep roots of connection - an intimate and vulnerable trust in one another, so that we can engage in a creative process together, which allows us to build spaces for emergent solutions to come forth, that we could never have found on our own. 

A Word about "Resonant" Leadership Circles: 

You may have noticed that I have added the word "Resonant" to our Leadership Circles name.  In doing some writing over the the last couple of weeks, I kept coming back to that word - resonance. 

Previously, we were using the word "Sound" to describe our leadership circles.  "Resonance" feels like it captures the essence of what we are doing with even more precision.  

A simple definition of resonance is: the tendency of a system to vibrate with increasing amplitudes at some frequencies of excitation. These are known as the system's resonant frequencies. The resonator may have a fundamental frequency and any number of harmonics.

This accurately describes what we are doing in our circles:  supporting each other to resonate with our true essential tone of leadership through the social field that we create as a circle.

An Invitation to a New Season of Resonant Leadership Circle Work:

There are many times in the year where we have the opportunity to begin anew.  The month of September gives us that chance. In the Jewish calendar, it is the month of the New Year.  

In the school year, it is the time to go back, to re-engage learning.

In the business calendar, it is a time to re-engage projects, start new initiatives, and, most importantly, to take a stand for the deeper calling in life that drives you to do what you do and be who you are.

"...when we take a stand, we can move the world - the world of ideas and people who act on them.  Taking a stand is a way of living and being that draws on a place within yourself that is at the very heart of who you are.  When you take a stand, it gives you authenticity, power, and clarity." - The Soul of Money

If you sense that being part of a weekly circle might support you to take a stand in this new season, the stand that is uniquely yours to take, I would love to speak with you about joining a circle in this fall season.

Click here to schedule a 30-minute conversation with me on zoom video chat, and we can explore whether the timing is aligned.

Lastly, thank you for taking this moment to read this email.  Thank you for your dedication to the work that you are doing and for your curiosity in circle work.  Lastly, thank you for your unique gifts and the specific tone that you bring to everything you do.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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