Live Interview: A Vision of Sound Leadership for Global Healing

What is a vision of leadership that inspires us to grow?  What is a model of leadership that is relevant to the complexities of today’s world?  And, what is a pathway of leadership that is practical and within reach, that we can start walking on today - step by step? 

These are the key questions that I will be exploring in my upcoming interview on Malinda Zarate's series, Emboldened Heart: A Movement to Encourage Heart-based Living.

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Malinda emailed me after reading my post-election email a few weeks ago, "How to Respond to the Unimaginable," and asked to interview me about how to find our center in this time of such immense complexity and uncertainty.

Here is an excerpt from my forthcoming book, Return of the Medicine Trees: A Vision of Sound Leadership for Global Healing, that offers a pathway forward:

We can see old-growth medicine trees as role models for a wise, stable, resilient, and regenerative quality of leadership.  Trees have vital information to teach us about how to lead more effectively, especially now, as we need to learn the qualities of wisdom, compassion, stability and resilience in the face of the dynamic and volatile change that is happening all around us.  Trees function as interconnected beings, much like the unified neurological network within the human body - sending communication signals telepathically that support the maintenance, equilibrium, resilience, and further development of the whole system.  While there is an awareness of “self” within a tree’s consciousness, she is primarily attuned to how she functions within the larger community, in order to (1) protect and maintain the current life-support systems of the whole forest, and (2) to steward a vision for the whole forest that is ever more complex and teeming with life, creativity, beauty, and resilience.

Imagine what it would be like to be an old-growth tree in an ancient forest - an ecosystem of medicine trees that is wise, stable, and resilient.  What if our planet had all the leaders that it needed in order to heal humanity and the earth?  

As we continue to evolve our worldview towards an ecological mythology, with a deep reverence for the earth and all of Life, trees can serve as reliable role models for our leadership because they have maintained and cultivated diverse, healthy, and resilient forest ecosystems all around the planet for millions, if not billions, of years.  They have “raised” loving families, “developed” healthy communities, and “run” successful businesses for generations upon generations.

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You will be able to call in and engage in the conversation. I will also be offering Your Most Important Work - Vision Creation Program during the interview, to catalyze new seeds of vision as you prepare for the new year.

I look forward to being with you on the call: 
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