The idea of creating live, in-person retreats has been in my mind's eye for many years,
and I've finally mustered up the courage to put out the call!

Until now, most of The Medicine Tree's offerings have been online.  One of the main reasons is, quite simply, because I'm shy.  Even though I have big vision for bringing people together, by nature, I'm an introvert.  

That being said, I love going to retreats, being with like-minded people, gathering in council and sharing inspiring conversations.  And, I love the opportunity to create sacred space, in-person, in a similar way to what we create in our virtual councils.

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It's time for us to come together, and initiative the rhythm of seasonal retreats that I am intending will continue for years to come.  The vision is to come together twice a year, starting this Fall of 2018, then again next spring of 2019, and continue twice a year, until The Medicine Tree grows the capacity, organizationally, and as a community, to host retreats in every season - spring, summer, fall, winter.

The purpose of this first retreat is to plant the seed of intention that we may grow a resilient, authentic and inspiring web-of-relationships of social change makers, particularly here in the Northeast Bioregion, and then continue to deepen and expand this alliance by continuing to gather twice-a-year, around the fall & spring equinoxes, and then eventually weaving in retreats around the winter & summer solstices.

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The retreat will include a natural flow of:

  • sharing honest, heartfelt words while sitting in council; 
  • embodied practices like yoga, chi gong, sound meditation and vocal toning;
  • a group medicine walk and ceremony in nature at a powerful waterfall;
  • watching clips from epic movies like The Never-ending Story, Lord of the Rings, Avatar, and The Matrix on a projector screen to connect with key moments in the Evolutionary Spiral of Leadership Capacity;
  • and engaging with concepts and exercises to grow our understanding and effectiveness in leadership capacity, subtle activism and collective impact work.  

retreat schedule

Friday: 6-9pm (arrive after having eaten an early dinner)

Saturday: All Day

Sunday: 9 - 1pm

To register, make your initial deposit of $125.00.  Because there is a limit of 12 spots for this retreat, this non-refundable deposit holds your space on the retreat.  Because this is a pay-what-you-can event, at the end of the retreat, you will have the option of giving more, if you feel called to do so.