Monthly Impact Circles gather in a Zoom Video Conference Room as a growing community of social change makers to focus on amplifying our individual and collective influence and impact for a viable future.  Specifically, we focus on: 

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  1. Your personal calling that guides the weaving of your unique thread within the fabric of the whole.
  2. The Leadership it takes to show up and demonstrate your commitment to what you care about most. 
  3. Sound  Practices that empower you to resonate your truth and walk your talk with integrity and authenticity.



1st Thursday of Every Month | 9:00 - 10:10am ET
(exception - August 9th)

Focus of the Circle:

The Difference We Make In The Lives of Others
& The Difference Others Make In Our Life

In this monthly circle, we discuss two powerful questions:

1. What is the difference that being in this leadership circle is making? 

2. What difference am I making in the lives of those around me?

Click here to watch a video of current members speak openly about the different that leadership circles have made in their lives



If you have any questions, comments or concerns before becoming a member, feel free to email Lev directly at